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* The home for hdapsd has moved to GitHub: github.com/evgeni/hdapsd.
* The releases will be mirrored here, maybe. :)

* Benjamin Reed from IBM sends a link to the Mailing List with the base information on how to get started from looking at the Windows Driver.
* Henrik Brix Andersen sends the first source which was fixed by Jesper Juhl and Dave Hansen in order for the first tests to work.
* Jesper Juhl is called the Driver Maintainer at #hdaps.

* Uploaded the first EXPERIMENTAL version so that all developers and users can have a copy. Including the Dave Hansen userspace.

* slack_usr sends the Web Page for hdaps.sf.net - Special Thanks.

* Dave Hansen releases 0.02 that supports the T42 and make things look better.
* Jesper Juhl will be out for some days and will get back to us to make this driver stronger

* Maik Ehinger sends up a driver for FreeBSD. His info was added under the developers list.

* Robert Love provides the new version to be uploaded after re-working the driver. It looks like he has step up to become the project developer. And we might hit -mm soon.